Gothic Purple Brocade Overbust Corset

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Brighten up your wardrobe with the bold color available in this charming sweetheart corset. The Gothic Purple Brocade Overbust Corset shows off a rich purple brocade material that accentuates your curves in regal style. The subtle pattern of the material adds elegance to this piece, while its hue provides a pop of color for dark outfits. Silver clasps open the corset at the front, ensuring that this overbust can be worn easily. It laces up in the back. The clasps attach to a pair of internal strips of metal called a busk. There are two pieces of flat boning, one on each side of the busk. The lacing runs through grommets. On each side of the grommets, there is additional flat boning. The flat boning and busk help to distribute tension along the length of the corset. The sides of the corset have spiral metal boning that help with supporting and tightening the corset. Create a twist for your favorite ensembles with the addition of this fabulous corset!

Key Features:

  • Design includes steel boning
  • Displays bright purple brocade
  • Ideal for gothic looks
  • Corset opens with clasps at the front

Size 1820-22 inches
Size 2022-24 inches
Size 2224-26 inches
Size 2426-28 inches
Size 2628-30 inches
Size 2830-32 inches
Size 3032-34 inches
Size 3234-36 inches
Size 3436-38 inches
Size 3638-40 inches
Size 3840-42 inches

1 review for Gothic Purple Brocade Overbust Corset

  1. Dan L.

    Got this for my daughter, she does LARPing. She loved it. Everyone wanted to know where she got it.

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