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Berengar Long Sleeve Oiled Chainmail Hauberk


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Proudly wearing the Berengar Long Sleeve Oiled Chainmail Hauberk, you step out onto the field and survey what remains of the enemies you have demolished. The rings of this chainmail tunic are woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern. Made up of many rings of steel, this medieval hauberk has been designed to fit similar to a mens XX-Large size. The rings have not been galvanized with zinc or treated with chemicals, but the hauberk is coated with oil to help guard against rust. Regular oiling is required to maintain its quality. The full length sleeves provide great coverage while its tunic shape reaches mid-thigh on most wearers. Wear this chainmail hauberk over a gambeson to get the look shown and ensure comfort and safety. A stunning way to add dimension to heavy armour looks, this chainmail shirt is well-suited for LARP and costume use, particularly for characters hailing from the Middle Ages or medieval-inspired fantasy worlds.

Care Instructions – This chainmail armour is pre-coated in oil before shipment. Occasional oiling is necessary for maintenance. When storing your chainmail armour, protect it from oxidation by coating with machine oil.

Please be aware that this armour is handmade, and it can be thicker than listed here. As such, it is intended mainly for costuming, light reenactment, and LARP.

Key Features:

  • Intended to fit like a mens size XX-Large
  • Chainmail shirt features long sleeve construction
  • Length covers down to mid-thigh on most wearers
  • Features 9 mm diameter rings made of 1mm thick wire
  • Rings woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern
  • Best comfort and safety when worn over a padded gambeson
  • Great for LARP or costume use


  • Made of steel rings


  • Chest: 43.3-57.1 Inches
  • Length: 33.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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