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Banded Leather Greaves – 13/15 oz.

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Our banded greaves have a great look to them. You can get them in a solid color or in contrasting colors. These greaves are designed to fit men and women. They secure to the legs with straps and buckles. The standard greave measures 17 inches long and will either be under your knee or over, with either fit being quite comfortable. Our banded greaves are made of 13/15 ounce leather with 5 bands of 7/8 ounce leather on top, creating a very unique look. Look for the matching body armor and arm bracers! It is shown above in Dark Red with Black bands. Other popular combinations are Dark Blue with Black Bands, Black with Green Bands, and Black with Brown Bands.

When selecting your colors, the Color selection is for the base of the greaves (shown in red). The Accent Color selection is for the bands (shown in black).

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Top Quality Leather
  • Made from Medium Weight 13/15 oz. Leather
  • Great for LARP and Reenactments
  • Unique Style with the Bands and Contrasting Color Options


  • Overall Length: 17 Inches
  • This style is meant to cover the knee


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