Neck Knives


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Keep one of our neck knives with you for a great way to have a tactical and utility blade at the ready. These small, fixed blade knives are easy to carry. The small knives typically each come with a lanyard sheath that hangs from the neck. This makes them easy to conceal. These neckers make great EDCs as well as handy utility knives and hunting knives. Our tactical neck knives typically have sturdy sheathes that keep them safe for hanging from your neck with included chains or cords. The neck sheathes are often what make these little blades so versatile.

We also offer necklace knives that conceal their blade within a medallion. Our pirate coin knives and dragon neck knives that are great for showing off historical or fantasy style for costuming or everyday wear. Choose from tactical EDC knives as well as novelty knives for costuming, reenactment, or personal style. We offer modern neck knives for tactical adventures, wilderness survival, hunting, and utility use. Our historical necklace knives can be incorporated into historical reenactment. These functional knives come in different blade materials. We even offer a selection of different colors.

Choose from a variety of blade shapes, from drop points and tantos to karambit style knives. Never be without a knife. We carry knives from some of the top trusted brands like Cold Steel and Condor Tool & Knife. Our selection is ever expanding as we strive to bring you the best in all kinds of weaponry, from medieval and fantasy to the modern day. These neck knives are ready for whatever adventure you take them on!

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