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  • Medieval Catapult

    Medieval Catapult

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  • Sale! Naval Cannon

    Naval Cannon

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  • Roman Centurion Pencil Sharpener

    Roman Centurion Pencil Sharpener

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  • Large Cannon Pencil Sharpener

    Large Cannon Pencil Sharpener

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Shop here for all our pencil toppers and sharpeners. What better way to celebrate something you love than to have it situated right on top of the pencil you use on a daily basis? Our pencil toppers are a fantastic way to keep a small medieval influence active and visible in your daily life, without it being obtrusive or offensive in any way. As far as unique little items go, our pencil toppers are among the best. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are nothing short of intriguing. Some are deadly serious, some are darkly amusing, and all are entertaining. Several of our pencil toppers are made in the shape of coinage from various eras and cultures, like Roman coins, English coins, and Celtic coins. Others are busts of famous figures, like kings and emperors. Some take the form of iconic symbols, like our Celtic pencil toppers that feature Celtic knot work, or the image of an eagle famed in Roman mythos. And of course, just as a helmet makes for a perfect topper for your head, they also make great pencil toppers as long as they have been shrunken down. Our pencil toppers are intriguing little items that are excellent ways to keep medieval influences alive in your day-to-day, without forcing your own interests on others. Our selection of unique pencil sharpeners will help extend the life of your favorite pencil and ensure you have a precise point for writing, and they take the form of iconic pieces of history, such as historical cannons, medieval knights, and Roman soldiers.

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