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  • Womens Victorian Steampunk Costume

    Womens Victorian Steampunk Costume

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  • Aviator Scarf

    Aviator Scarf

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  • White Steampunk Pantaloons

    White Steampunk Pantaloons

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  • Sale! Womens Steampunk Fantasy Costume

    Womens Steampunk Fantasy Costume

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  • Steampunk Fairy Costume

    Steampunk Fairy Costume

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Sometimes it’s no picnic putting together your own Steampunk styled costume, especially when you consider how much can go into one. But luckily, Medieval Collectibles is here with our handy Womens Steampunk section, which has everything you’ll need to create your own look, including full costumes and the accessories that go with them.

Of course, a good base is the perfect way to start with a Steampunk look, and you’ll find plenty of good starts here in this section. You’ll find costumes that are perfect for creating a variety of looks, beyond just what their original purpose implies.

See a Steampunk outfit of a Neo-Victorian Lady? It’s perfect for both high society and for elegant captains as they fly the sky. Or if you’ve got your eye on a sultry Steampunk showgirl costume, you’ll be happy to know that it looks great for entertainers, and for grease-monkey girls who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when they work on machines.

With these costumes, the possibilities are literally endless! And of course, what is Steampunk clothing without its gizmos, gadgets, gears, and other little accessories that really set it apart? All those are here in full display too, including subtle costume pieces like scarves and gears that can be added to your outfit to alter or enhance its look however you see fit!

There’s absolutely no reason as to why you can’t put together your own fantastic Steampunk look, and right here at Medieval Collectibles, we have all the complete clothing and the accessories to go with them that are ready to go for Halloween, costume parties, or just good, clean Steam punk fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Steampunk Costumes?

Steampunk costumes are inspired by the science fiction subgenre, a movement that started in the ‘80s. It’s a retro futuristic theme that revolves around the use of steam as the ultimate cause of technological advancement. Steampunk clothing involves a mixture of elements from the 1800 Industrial Revolution in Europe and the Victorian literary era.

Steampunk costuming takes inspiration from 19th century explorers, goths, lords, countesses, and burlesque. This could include a leather helmet, brass goggles, and a lab coat for men, as well as corsets, bell skirts, lace, boots, and Lolita fashion for women. Brass is a staple material, as it embodies a mechanical aesthetic.

How to Make an Inexpensive Steampunk Costume?

Getting custom Steampunk clothing doesn’t come cheap, but there are ways to get the most bang for your buck. You can create your own Steampunk clothes with some resourcefulness and creativity. Here are a few tips to try:

  1. Visit your local thrift stores. You’ll find a ton of treasures to put together the perfect look. When scouring for clothing pieces, steer clear from modern elements such as pleats and denim. You’ll want to look for browns like leather or corduroy, and lace elements that scream Victorian.
  2. Look for goggles. This item is at the forefront of the steampunk movement. You can find them at Medieval Collectibles. If you’re feeling crafty, find one at a thrift shop and spice it up with brass gears, which you can also snag from our website.
  3. Accessorize. Steampunk fashion is all about copper, bronze, and brass accessories. You can easily find them at thrift stores, garage sales, or your community thrift market. It doesn’t have to look too industrial, as the aristocrats also wore rings and brooches and sported pocket watches and even wristwatches.

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