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  • Black Duster Coat

    Black Duster Coat

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  • London Frock Coat

    London Frock Coat

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  • Sale! Leather Hellsing Coat

    Leather Hellsing Coat

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  • Sale! Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Coat

    Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Coat

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  • Van Helsing Steampunk Trench Coat

    Van Helsing Steampunk Trench Coat

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  • Black Vampire Coat

    Black Vampire Coat

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Cold weather? That is hardly something to worry over when Medieval Collectibles has you covered, and we mean that literally. We may not be right there, holding an umbrella for you, but we do have a selection of great Gothic Jackets and Hoodies that are perfect for keeping you guys and girls warm in chillier months of fall, winter, and spring. Plus, there’s no downside here, as you get to stay warm AND keep featuring the same great gothic style that you’ve been showing off all year round! We’ve got a nice selection of hoodies and jackets for both men and women, all of which feature some touch of gothic style that is sure to impress. Of the two, the gothic hoodies are a bit lighter, being made from heavy cotton, and they all feature great touches of gothic style, ranging from intriguing accents that are built into the fabric to great graphics that depict fallen angels, roaring dragons, sinister reapers, and more. Our gothic jackets are heavier, thanks to a heartier design and a heavier material, and are also a bit more subtle, possessing intrinsic gothic design that will have even non-gothic individuals admiring your style. Of course, both styles of garment are exceptionally comfortable, ensuring that you won’t just be warm and stylish, but you’ll feel good while you wear your new gothic hoodie or jacket, too. We see no reason to let the cold weather get you down, not so long as Medieval Collectibles has gothic jackets and gothic hoodies that can not only put a smile on your face (and on the faces of others), but also keep you warm when you do so!

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