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When you need to take on the enemy in a LARP battle or dress in a lightweight suit of armour for a cosplay convention, wear some Polyurethane Armour. These lightweight pieces of armour are great for a variety of events, especially ones held in warm weather. Not only that but they also require less maintenance then steel or leather armour. You do not need to worry about preventing rust or conditioning leather with these armour pieces. Just put them on and go! Our Polyurethane Armour comes in a variety of styles and designs, perfect for different characters and personas. They look realistic with metallic finishes and leather-like patterns. Protect your head, shoulders, arms, legs, or torso. You can also get sets to protect all of those areas of your body. Medieval Collectibles is happy to offer to you these pieces of Polyurethane Armour.

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Neck Style

Memory: 62MB (12.11% of 512MB)
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