Leather Rapier Frogs


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  • Three Buckle Rapier Frog

    Three Buckle Rapier Frog

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  • Leather Rapier Frog

    Leather Rapier Frog

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    Black Leather Rapier Frog

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  • Left Handed Rapier Carrier

    Left Handed Rapier Carrier

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Our leather rapier frogs are perfect for any Medieval or Renaissance outfit. Rapier frogs are designed to carry a rapier correctly and securely. These rapier frogs are made for a person who would like to wear their favorite belt and carry their rapier. Rapier frogs are adjustable for length and scabbard girth. Our rapier frogs are handmade and come in colors black and brown. The straps can be independently moved along the scabbard to give you the best angle for ease of drawing your rapier during that fencing practice.

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