Medieval Headwear

Medieval Collectibles is your source for different and unique Medieval and Renaissance hats and headwear. Here you will find headwear of Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic and Fairytale designs. We have medieval crowns for the Kings and Queens, tiara crowns for the princesses and hats for the nobleman and peasants. Our medieval circlets are made of sterling silver and are a great accessory for that renaissance costume. We have many styles of medieval and renaissance hats such as cavalier hats, muffin hats, snoods and berets. Men's medieval crowns are gold plated and encrusted with sparkling jewels, while the women's crowns are plated in sterling silver and covered in rhinestones. Our medieval tiaras are great for medieval weddings.
Renaissance Hats, Medieval Hats, Medieval Hoods, Steampunk Hats and Pirate Hats
Renaissance & Medieval Hats

We have many styles of hats from different eras. Surely you will find the perfect renaissance hat to add to your medieval wardrobe. We have cavalier hats, medieval hoods, renaissance hats, muffin hats, tricorns, snoods, Henry VIII hats, veils and much more. Most of our medieval hats you can select the size, color and even the fabric. So have a look at our renaissance hat select and pick out the right hat for the medieval fair or any other medieval event that you will be attending.

Fair Accessories
Floral Head Wreaths

Sometimes, a crown of gold and silver says all the wrong things. This is because crowns of gold and silver, while rarely uninspiring, are really more of a complement to kings and queens rather then to natural beauties and fairies. So if you need a crown that does more than show regal and imperious appearance, then you might want to consider any number of our floral head wreathes. These beautiful flower crowns are a perfect accent to natural beauty. Our floral head wreathes are hand-made from a dazzling array of beautifully colored silk flowers and greenery, ensuring that while these floral crowns will not carry the fresh scent of flowers, they also will not ever wilt or wither.

Kings Crowns, Medieval Crowns, and Mens Crowns
Kings Crowns

The medieval crowns are fit for a King! Our King's Crowns demand loyalty and respect. Medieval Collectibles has king crowns that are gold plated, encrusted with sparkling jewels, and detailed with fleur de lis symbols. Our Men's Crowns are in stock and ready to ship to His Royal Highness. Medieval crowns are great for stage props, theaters, and plays. Need to crown a king in your kingdom or the winner in a contest, then these medieval crowns will do the trick. Every man can feel like the king he is with one of these classy, rich-looking crowns.

Queens Crowns, Medieval Crowns, Womens Crowns and Pageant Crowns
Queens Crowns

Rule your land in style with one of our gorgeous crowns fit only for a Queen. Royalty never had it so good, until now! Our women's medieval crowns are metal plated in sterling silver with rhinestones going completely around the crown. You will be the spot light of any event or medieval wedding next to your king wearing a medieval crown. Complete the package with a scepter and make the recipient feel like royalty. These Queens Crowns are great for medieval fairs, weddings, pageants or stage props.

Princess Tiaras, Medieval Tiaras, Elven Tiaras, and Pave Crystal Tiaras
Princess Tiaras

Medieval Collectibles has a large variety of tiaras for our Princess' to choose from. Our tiaras are plated in sterling silver and covered in rhinestones. We have a great variety of tiaras at great prices. Tiaras are great for medieval weddings, renaissance faires, high school proms, pageants or any other special occasions. Medieval tiaras have been worn to enhance the elegance and beauty of women for thousands of years. Tiaras were created by goldsmiths of ancient Greece and Egypt and throughout the Middle Ages. The tiara was once inseparable from images of royalty.

Medieval Headbands, Combs, Bun Cages, and Hair Accessories
Ladies Headbands and Hair Accessories

We have a variety of Medieval headbands, bun cages, combs and hair accessories that will complete your medieval costume or Renaissance clothing. Medieval Collectibles has Celtic headbands, Medieval headbands and Elven headbands that are made of solid sterling silver or are plated with sterling silver. Most of our headbands, bun cages and combs are decorated with rhinestones that will catch anyone's attention. These medieval hair accessories are great for medieval weddings, renaissance fairs, pageants, or formal occasions.

Leather Masks
Leather Masks

Masks, it seems, aren't just for Halloween, especially when they're as great looking as these leather masks. New to Medieval Collectibles is our selection of leather masks, which come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. While each one alters your appearance, some are better for fantasy, while others would be perfect for any old or new-aged masquerade ball.

Leather Mempos, Samurai Mempos, Fantasy Mempos and Leather Face Masks
Leather Mempos

The Samurai of Japan were among the foremost warriors of their age, and as such they left a lasting mark on history. Inspired by the same named armor that the samurai and ashigaru were sometimes known to wear, these leather mempos bring a hint of Oriental flare to your armored look while also providing some much needed protection that your face might be lacking.

Leather Headbands, Leather Headdresses, and Medieval Leather Crowns
Leather Headbands

Check out our selection of high quality leather headbands, which make excellent leather accessories for medieval regalia! These leather headdresses look great on men and womens, and we offer leather circlets for children, as well. Our leather headpieces come in a variety of styles, including fantasy headbands, Celtic headbands, Viking headbands, and more! Many of our leather diadems feature rhinestones, studs, and other ornamentation.

Spectacles and Monocles
Spectacles, Monocles & Goggles

Spectacles and Monocles are not just for correcting vision; once they were actually worn as stylish accessories by gentlemen of status and note. And now, Medieval Collectibles offers a number of spectacles and monocles, so that you can do the same.