Dragon’s Office Space

Dragon’s Office Space

Do you enjoy dragon decor or wish that you could turn your office space into a dragon’s den? In this article, we hope to help you envision exactly that. We look at a variety of products that can help make your workspace feel a bit more fiercely magical.

Desk Space

When you sit down at your desk to do some paperwork, make sure that any dragon would feel at home there. Ensure that you have enough light by turning on a lamp. The Dragon and Dagger Table Lamp would work great. It combines a classic shape with great dragon design. Once you have some light, you can get to writing. Grab a pen out of the Dragon Head Monument Utility Holder or use the Dragon Pen and Holder.

Once you have filled in or signed your paperwork, you may need to staple it together. We offer different staplers that take their inspiration from the draconic world. There is even a staple remover if you accidently staple together papers incorrectly. Meanwhile, the Silver Dragon with Sword Statue would also make a great addition to a dragon’s desk. It features a letter opener, perfect for opening your mail.

Perhaps you would enjoy writing down your fantasy adventures in a journal. We have a wide array of dragon journals to choose from. You can even keep track of how long that you have been writing for with a desk clock like the Steampunk Dragon Table Clock. Once you are done with writing, you can put the journal away between some bookends.

Relaxing Office Space

After finishing some paperwork, you may want to relax some in your office. We also have items that would work for dragon-themed relaxation. For example, if you enjoy playing chess, you can do so with the Dragon Kingdom Chess Set. Of course, not everyone enjoys playing chess. Perhaps you would enjoy a nice drink instead. The Dragon is Stirring Mug and Spoon Set is perfect for a hot drink or two. Don’t forget to protect your desk or table with a dragon coaster. In addition to hot drinks, you could also choose to have a beverage from the Dragon Fire 5 Liter Oak Barrel or the Red Dragon Guzzler Wine Holder.

Of course, if you are looking to add even more dragon style to your décor, you can easily do so with some dragon statues or wall decorations. There are many art prints by Anne Stokes that feature dragons. We also have plenty of dragon signs. Our mini dragon statue sets allow you to place some dragons in many different places in your dragon den.

There are many ways to add some dragon style to your office space or home decor. Here, we looked at items for your desk as well as some dragon-themed pieces to help you relax in your office. Of course, you can go beyond the items mentioned here to create a truly magical space.

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