Wrist Mounted Throwing Spike Set

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With this Wrist Mounted Throwing Spike Set, not only do you have a trio of lethal little spikes that you can hurl at a moments notice, but you have them in a sheath that keeps them within easy reach, mounted securely on your wrist for easy access. Each of these throwing knives is made entirely from a single piece of blackened stainless steel, giving each one a rugged and simple, yet highly effective look. The knives consist of straight-edged spear-point style blades mounted on short handles that features a single cut-out hole at the tip, which helps shift the balance forward, into the throwing knives points. Included with the trio of throwing knives is a nylon sheath that features attached straps, which allows this knife set to be secured onto your wrist or arm with ease. Each knife measures approximately 4.75 inches long. With practice and some skill, this Wrist Mounted Throwing Spike Set is a weapon worthy of the greatest of shadow warriors, as your opponents or competitors will never see the throw coming, if only because your knives are ready and waiting, right there on your wrist.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Constructed from Stainless Steel
  • Has a Blackened Finish
  • Includes Three Throwing Spikes
  • Comes With A Nylon Wrist Sheath
  • A Functional Throwing Knife Set
  • Great for Target Practice or Competition Throwing


  • Overall Length: 4.75 Inches


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