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The knights of medieval Europe were no strangers to training with mimicry weapons. Indeed, a young man could spend fourteen years of life training with weapons like this Wooden Longsword before he became a fully-fledged knight. And as a man of war, a knight had to take it upon himself to master not just one type of weapon, but many, from the crushing mace to the penetrating dagger and the multipurpose halberd. But of course, the staple would forever remain the longsword, and with this trusty weapon, a knight must excel. This wooden weapon is simple but effective. The long blade has a shallow fuller to lighten the wood, just like a real blade might possess, with an adequately formed guard, grip, and pommel all to mimic a real longsword. No knight could rightly neglect his training and doubly so in his informative years as a squire, which meant that any modern-day squire or knight should spend some time getting as familiar with a Wooden Longsword as they should with a real one. This sword works well for light training and practice.

Please be aware that the wood construction can have differing wood tones then what is pictured above.

Key Features:

  • Made of natural hardwood with rounded tip
  • Great for light training
  • Blade has a shallow fuller


  • Overall Height: 38.5 Inches
  • Handle Length: 5.75 Inches

2 reviews for Wooden Longsword

  1. evan.obusek (verified owner)

    Very nice training sword. It’s light but seems substantial and strong. It is an arming sword, though, not a longsword.

  2. Gabriel Mims (verified owner)

    It was a good sword, sadly after a few form training sessions it gave way. Also not a Longsword more like an arming sword

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