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Favored by the German Landsknecht mercenaries, greatswords were effective and deadly against when used against pike and spear formations. This Wooden Great Sword makes an impressive addition to any sparring kit or costume ensemble. The straight wooden blade displays a fuller that extends from beyond the ricasso until just before the tapered and blunted tip. The crescent shape guard features a decorative accent that points to the ricasso. The ridged two handed grip is capped with a scent stopper pommel. Perfect for cosplay outfits, combat training, and theatrical productions, the Wooden Great Sword is great for older children, teens, and adults.

Key Features:

  • Renaissance style training sword
  • Makes a great display or costume weapon
  • Perfect for sparring and theatrical productions
  • Fun gift for historians and reenactors
  • Displays a natural wood finish


  • Made from hardwood


  • Overall Length: 44 Inches
  • Blade length: 32.75 Inches

2 reviews for Wooden Great Sword

  1. whitneynr42 (verified owner)

    You know, I took a chance on this sword just to see what I’d get and I have to say this is a surprisingly well done wooden sword! Look, feel and finish are all well beyond the $15.00 cost level. This would look excellent as an carry along to any renaissance festival, or as a prop in a play, hanging on a wall – or for just plain old fun! A wonderful treat for such a little cost.

  2. Jordan Laughner (verified owner)

    Feels great weight and texture wise, makes you feel like you are actually holding a sword and not a club of wood. Only gripe is that it isn’t really a great sword length, but it has the feel of one.

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