Vine and Flower Crystal Tiara

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Wish you could transform into a lady from a fairytale? Place the Vine and Flower Crystal Tiara upon your head for a lovely look. Made from electroplated copper, this tiara comes in gold and silver color options. It has a U-shaped band with combs on the ends for securing onto the head. In front, there are sections of round wire. The wire forms scrolled ends on the sides and a pair of hearts in the center. Flower and leaf shapes adorn the tiara. There are also rhinestones in the middle of the flowers and elsewhere along the wire. You can wear this tiara for a variety of events, from medieval festivals to formal occasions. This tiara is sure to bring a regal flair to any outfit.

This item cannot be returned or exchanged.

Key Features:

  • Comes in gold and silver
  • Features leaf and flower detailing
  • Has crystal accents
  • Perfect for royal or elven characters
  • Wonderful for a variety of events


  • Made from copper with an electroplated finish

One Size2 inches


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