USMC Desert Ops Gladiator Sword

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Warrior, take the USMC Desert Ops Gladiator Sword onto the battlefield. This sword combines two warrior cultures into one blade. Made from stainless steel, this functional sword has a double-edged blade with a diamond-shaped tip.

Near the base of the tan blade, there are saw-like serrations on the silver edges. In the center, the blade reads Honor Courage Commitment in white. The full-tang blade has a small ricasso before forming two angled arms for a crossguard. The ricasso features the USMC logo.

Meanwhile, the angular crossguard arms point towards the blade. The modern sword continues with an ABS hilt. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer. The black and tan grip features texturing and grooves along the sides. This helps to give it a better grip. Screws secure the grip to the tang. At the end of the hilt, the tang forms a triangular pommel. It has an open design.

Finally, this military sword comes with a 600D nylon belt sheath. It has a shoulder strap, therefore it can be carried over the shoulder or on a belt, not included. This modern gladius makes a great addition to combat gear or a weaponry collection.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • Has a tan double-edged blade
  • Takes inspiration from the Roman gladius
  • Textured grip for better grip
  • Comes with sheath
  • Great for the battlefield or weaponry collection


  • Blade is stainless steel
  • Grip is ABS, a thermoplastic polymer
  • Sheath is nylon


  • Overall Length: 24 Inches
  • Blade Length: 17.3 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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