Two-Blade Fantasy Fighting Axe


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Sometimes, one edge on an axe-head just is not enough. The requirement to halt a swing and change the motions is simply too much hassle and strain. Sometimes, something like the Two-Blade Fantasy Fighting Axe is needed. This axe is made in the fashion typically associated with a fantasy-themed battle axe, although it is smaller in stature, as it is made to hold effectively in one hand. The axe-head is double-bladed, with twin blades extending out of either side of the haft in a fairly typical crescent-blade design. The cap of the haft is set with a four-flanged topper, designed for extra weight and design. The haft is near equal parts stainless steel and black finish, with two bands of spike-studded steel as decoration, while the wire-wrapped grip provides all the leverage and security needed for holding the weapon. Efficiency is the watch-word of this Two-Blade Fantasy Fighting Axe. Two blades just serve to make it all the more efficient at what it does.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Steel Wire-Wrapped Handle
  • Includes Display Plaque


  • Overall Length: 21 Inches


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