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The road from your cottage into town is covered in brambles and sharp stones. You would have to be a fool to travel that path barefoot! Luckily, when you equip yourself with the stylish Tilly Jackboots, you will not have to! This pair of boots is made from durable leather, granting them a degree of flexibility while also ensuring a long life and sturdy design. Lacing along the side of each boot grants it a degree of adjustability, allowing you to fit the boots to your calves. The top of the boots feature a folded-down bit of leather, giving them an authentic medieval feel, and they also come in brown or black, granting them a level of versatility. For any peasant, pirate, or plucky adventurer, the Tilly Jackboots are just the thing to keep your feet safe from harm!

This item is handmade of natural materials.  Texture and appearance may vary slightly.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy design offers flexibility and durability
  • Lacing on side of boots grants adjustability
  • Offered in a variety of sizes
  • Comes in brown or black
  • Makes a fantastic addition to any medieval or fantasy ensemble


  • Made from leather
This is a handmade item that is measured by hand. Please allow for approximately 1-2 inches of variation from measurements shown. These are European Sizes. The US size listed is a conversion to the closest US shoe size.
Shaft HeightHeel HeightCalf CircumferenceAnkle CircumferenceSole LengthSole Width
European Size 41/US Size Women 10.5/US Size Mens 816.5 inches0.25 inches15.5 inches12 inches10.75 inches3.25 inches
European Size 42/US Size Womens 11.5/US Size Mens 916.5 inches0.25 inches15.75 inches12 inches10.75 inches3.5 inches
European Size 43/US Size Womens 12/US Size Mens 1016.5 inches0.25 inches16.5 inches12 inches10.75 inches3.5 inches
European Size 44/US Size Mens 1116.75 inches0.25 inches16.5 inches12 inches11.25 inches3.5 inches
European Size 45/US Size Mens 1217.25 inches0.25 inches16.5 inches13 inches11.25 inches3.5 inches
European Size 46/US Size Mens 1317.75 inches0.25 inches16.5 inches13.5 inches11.75 inches3.75 inches
European Size 47/US Size Mens 1417.75 inches0.25 inches16.75 inches14 inches12 inches3.75 inches

10 reviews for Tilly Jackboots

  1. Anthony M.

    Gotem, lovem. Light but well made. Sent them to the shoe store for thin rubber heel and sole.

  2. dj.clean.1 (verified owner)

    Mythalon takes forever to fulfill backorders, and they originally mis-marked the size on these boots, but that should not be reflected at all on Medieval Collectibles…they were amazing throughout the return and exchange process.

    Once I received the correct size I was quite happy with the quality of the materials and the product overall. Be forewarned: they run small and as a precious reviewer stated, if you plan on wearing these all day or on slippery surfaces, do yourself a favor and get them resoled. The smooth leather sole may be traditional and period correct, but it does nothing to support your feet and is dangerously slippery on smooth surfaces. Even with the cost of resoling, they are still a high value for the quality and the amount of leather in the construction.

  3. ednyking (verified owner)

    Love ‘em. Arrived today and fit perfectly. Oiled the leather with neats foot oil for a more authentic period feel.

  4. MikeFishNZ (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, they look great and well made, very happy

  5. djbazzan4913 (verified owner)

    They are amazingly made and beautiful! The customer service was excellent and the shipping was quick! Definitely order a half to full size up depending on how wide your feet are! They fit very small other than that I am very happy with my purchase! The darker color in photos is correct for brown.

  6. Alex Case (verified owner)

    Boots are high quality and look even better in person. They run very small though. I ordered my usual size and couldn’t even get my foot into the boot. Will be returning for a larger size.

  7. Dennis Siefker (verified owner)

    I purchased these boots in late fall 2021. The boots are an amazing purchase for those who desire to be more historically accurate. They are well made with excellent craftsmanship. I purchased my current boot size in which appears to be a little snug with wearing them with wool socks. I plan to use both a leather conditioner and Neatsfoot Oil to soften the leather and stretch out the size. If you do not have the time or the patience to work with the leather, I would purchase a larger size and wear several pairs of socks.

  8. apocalypsecreek (verified owner)

    I have had these boots for a little over a year now and they are my daily driver out here on our farm. Very well made! Very authentic. And in the winter they are quite warm. I would suggest if you have wide feet like myself, go 2 sizes up. When I first ordered them I ordered an 11 and I could not get my foot in them, but they gladly let me send them in for the correct size and I went with a 13, which turned out to be a perfect fit. Again I can’t recommend them enough, they are worth every penny and when (or if) I wear them out, I will happily buy another pair. You won’t be disappointed at all!

  9. Justus Bertoni (verified owner)

    Fine boots. They really help the look of my plague doctor outfit. Now, make sure you get two sizes up. I know that sounds like a lot, but I normally wear size 11 shoes and size 13 fit with not much width to spare, as they are very narrow. As to be expected, they are quite slick on smooth surfaces. Compared to smaller boots like Raimund, these are great value. God bless. “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” – Psalm 16:11

  10. Mickie Sixx (verified owner)

    Excellent boots. Looks exactly like the pictures. The leather is thick and extremely durable. Word of warning: you will need to break these in and they are narrow. I have wide feet and could barely get my foot in at first. I have worked the hard leather with leather conditioner and rough treatment. Then, I walked around the house all day while wearing these boots. Now they fit like a tight but comfortable glove. The leather is nice and supple now.
    The soles are leather too so I recommend using some coarse sandpaper and a knife to give it texture. Or you can walk a few miles on rough roads. Otherwise, you might slip on smooth surfaces.

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