The Whitfield Overbust Corset

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This striking yet simple corset is an absolute delight to wear, being rather comfortable as well as incredibly stylish. In fact, the Whitfield Overbust Corset makes a fantastic addition to a variety of ensembles, whether it is Steampunk or not. This subtly designed overbust corset is made from soft suede fabric and features a light brown coloration. The upper and lower edge of the corset has been decorated with black lace set with several small rivets, which enhances the subtle Steampunk look of the corset. The corset also features a black twill lining, which serves to make the corset all the more comfortable when worn. The Whitfield Overbust Corset has just the right touch of subtle Steampunk style that allows it to be used in a wide assortment of Steampunk ensembles, as well as in a variety of other more contemporary looks too.

Key Features:

  • Riveted Black Lace Decoration on Top and Bottom Edge
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Features a Black Twill Lining
  • Complements Old and New Steampunk Looks Very Well


  • Made from faux suede

Front LengthBack Length
20 Inch12 inches12 inches
22 Inch12 inches12 inches
24 Inch12 inches12 inches
26 Inch12 inches12 inches
28 Inch12 inches12 inches
30 Inch12 inches12 inches
32 Inch12 inches12 inches
34 Inch12 inches12 inches
36 Inch12 inches12 inches


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