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Sword of the Month Subscription – Level 1

$75.00 / month

Item # WEAPON1


Get a new sword every month with the Sword of the Month Subscription! Level 1 ensures you a mystery sword at equal or greater value than what you pay. This sword subscription box grants you a different sword every month. The type of sword can vary, so it is a surprise every time. Expand your weapon collection with ease and enjoy sword styles you might not have considered. Our monthly sword service is perfect for experiencing all kinds of swords at a great price. It is a collectors dream. Swords will range in style and type, so you may receive a medieval sword, Viking sword, Renaissance sword, or another style of sword monthly. If you are not sure what kind of sword you want, then this is the perfect option for you. You are sent a new sword monthly from the date on which you signed up. This sword subscription also makes a great gift for the sword lover in your life. Amaze yourself with a fantastic new sword once a month!

Please note that items shown are an example of Sword of the Month Subscription items. Discount codes cannot be used on subscription boxes.

Sword of the Month Subscription boxes cannot be returned or exchanged.

Key Features:

  • A new sword every month
  • Equal or greater value than what you pay
  • Great for collecting, gifting, and more
  • Cancel anytime


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