Sword Of Faramir

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Those wanting to start their weapons of Gondor collection or add to their array of awesome LOTR items should check out the Sword Of Faramir. This sword will surely complete any collection. It is worthy of any steadfast warrior.

Background Info

This decorative sword is a licensed replica of the filming prop sword from the Lord of the Rings films, created by Weta Workshop. Faramir, the second son of Denethor, wielded this sword on his adventures. In the films, this included leading the forces of Gondor in the War of the Ring and his interactions with Gollum.

Sword Construction

Made from stainless steel, this fantasy sword has a double-edged blade. A fuller runs down the center of the tempered, false-edged blade. Next, the sword has a cruciform crossguard with angled tips. In the center, there is a golden raven design.

The sword continues with a green leather grip before ending with the steel pommel. This pommel has a disk shape and endcap. A pair of golden rings adorn the pommel.

Finally, this warriors sword comes with a wooden display plaque and certificate of authenticity. Add this fantastic sword to your LOTR collection or fantasy home decor. It also makes an ideal gift for any fan of Tolkien.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Fully licensed replica
  • Highly detailed design
  • Comes with a display plaque and certificate
  • Great collectible and decor piece


  • Blade is stainless steel
  • Handle wrapping is leather
  • Plaque is wood

Overall LengthBlade Length
One Size42 inches33 inches

1 review for Sword Of Faramir

  1. Brenden (verified owner)

    With this sword, I don’t know if I can declare as Faramir said, “I love not the sword for it’s brightness…” It is a truly beautiful work of art!
    Aside from making a splendid wall hanger, this sword actually feels really good in the hand. I wasn’t sure about the design of the handle, right next to the guard, where the index finger grips. It feels a bit odd in a bare hand, but with a leather glove on, it is quite comfortable. The length of the blade would categorize it as a hand-and-a-half sword, but the length of the handle and shape of the pommel make it difficult to grasp with two hands unless your hands are small. However the size of the pommel provides an excellent counter-balance for using one-handed. The profile taper on the point, were it sharp, would make it a vicious thrusting blade I imagine.
    A great weapon for any captain of Gondor!

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