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You cannot underestimate the power of a great pair of gloves. Whether as the next piece of your cosplay, reenactment outfit, or LARP character, the Suede Celtic Gloves will help you form a cohesive look while lending light protection. These suede gloves are fingerless for optimum dexterity and have an adjustable buckle at each of their wrist cuffs. Crisscross stitching reinforces a band of suede over the knuckles. Sold in sets of two, you will be ready for whatever your next adventure has in store when you add the Suede Celtic Gloves to your fantasy or historically inspired ensemble.

Key Features:

  • Fingerless gloves have buckled wrist strap
  • Knuckles feature crisscross stitching
  • Great for LARP, medieval reenactment, and cosplay
  • Suede construction suits a variety of settings and characters
  • Sold as pairs


  • Made of suede

Overall LengthHand LengthCuff CircumferenceWrist CircumferenceKnuckle CircumferencePalm Width
Small6.5 inches6.5 inches8.25 inches7 inches8.25 inches3.8 inches
Medium7 inches6.5 inches8.75 inches7.5 inches8.5 inches4 inches
Large7.1 inches7 inches9.5 inches8 inches9.25 inches4 inches
X-Large7.25 inches7.5 inches9.5 inches8 inches9.25 inches4.5 inches

6 reviews for Suede Celtic Gloves

  1. caelumira333 (verified owner)

    Nice gloves, they were a bit stiff at first but after breaking them in a bit they’re quite comfortable.

  2. ryan_cortes (verified owner)

    Very nice gloves and they feel good to wear. My hands are a little on the large size and even the large gloves hard a little hard to wiggle off sometimes but nearly a perfect fit.

  3. acellewllits99 (verified owner)

    Great for handling weapons and tools while protecting hands from abrasion.

  4. aakuehn1 (verified owner)

    Wow! These are great! I passed over these once to get the more expensive Leather Celtic Gloves (MCI-3291) with the smoother, more refined leather finish. Those are great, too, but these gloves are just as good! They have all the same advantages, durability, & quality in a suede leather material. The suede makes them appear more authentic to an earlier time period, as well. I chose Brown in the same size as my Leather Celtic Gloves & they fit beautifully. They are a bit stiff at first (my fingers turned blood red when I made a fist), but I expect them to break in nicely & be as soft and as pliable as the Epic Armoury Suede Swordsman Gloves (MCI-2231). On the pair I received, the leather around the finger cuffs & the piping around the wrist cuff were a slighty, lighter shade of brown than the rest of the glove. It gives it a nice two-toned look that is really cool! I am very glad I finally ordered these to try them out.

  5. nils.olson (verified owner)

    These gloves are a bit on the small size for my hands, but I can still get them on and off. Fabric is somewhat stiff and will take some breaking in.

  6. Erik Henson (verified owner)

    Gloves are great quality. MEASURE YOUR HANDS. I wear a medium to large for work gloves, and I bought medium for these gloves. They are a little tight but should loosen over time. The “fingers” on the gloves are a little longer than I am used to for fingerless gloves

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