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Straight Gothic Jagged Skirt

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Sometimes, a skirt can do what pants cannot – offer a flattering and fun style that makes a woman look good. The Straight Gothic Jagged Skirt combines casual elegance with gothic style to do that with a dark hint of gothic detail. This skirt has a lovely overall look, featuring a stylish cut and flow to its design, owed greatly to the fine fabric used in its construction as well as to the asymmetrical hem, which possesses a jagged edge all the way around. Nonetheless, it is a straight skirt with casual gothic style, one that serves well in a wide variety of different looks and ensembles. Designed as a full-length skirt, this garment hangs down to about ankle or floor length. Please note that based on wearer height, sizing, and length, this can vary a bit. The skirt is offered in two colors, as well as in one standard size. Perfect for both casual affairs and formal events, this Straight Gothic Jagged Skirt is really a piece that takes on the tone of what you wear with it, making a versatile piece that any girl can wear and enjoy, in just about any style that she might favor, whether it is casual or historic, formal or fantasy.

Key Features:

  • A Gothic Skirt Made from Fine Fabric
  • Features a Jagged, Asymmetrical Hem Line
  • Very Versatile – Looks Good with Many Different Ensembles
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Great for Casual, Everyday Wear and Formal Occasions


  • Standard: Fits up to a Womens Size 12


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