Steampunk Stiletto Hill Ironopolis


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Rather than a hum-drum city slicker, here you see an inventive city in a slipper! Taking steampunk to new heights, this Steampunk Stiletto Hill Ironopolis depicts a small town located entirely within a giant iron high heeled shoe! Windows near the bottom provide ventilation, a tall waterwheel generates power, and a ladder up the stiletto heel is its only access. This highly detailed Lilliputian statue is crafted from cold cast bronze. It has been hand-painted in metallic tones to bring out every pipe fitting, roof tile, and surface texture. This Steampunk Stiletto Hill Ironopolis is a must-have for your collection and makes a great gift for any Neo-Victorian enthusiast!

Key Features:

  • Hand-painted in metallic tones
  • Displays intricate detailing
  • Depicts a city built inside a shoe
  • Imaginative gift or home decor item
  • Perfect for Steampunk and shoe collectors


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Height: 10.25 Inches


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