Steampunk Skull Industrial Pen Holder

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The Industrial Revolution was an era of progress, showcasing the capabilities of the human mind. In a steampunk world, this event led to even more advancement and wonder, as the Steampunk Skull Industrial Pen Holder displays. This bronze accessory takes the shape of a flattened, bronze-colored human skull with a series of whimsical chimneys rising from its center. Each smokestack, sporting accents of silver, gold, and red, has been hollowed out, allowing for the placement of pens, pencils, and other desktop trinkets. The circumference of the skull is covered in gears and rivets, adding to its neo-Victorian feel. The Steampunk Skull Industrial Pen Holder is the perfect piece of functional desk decor for any steampunk-themed study.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in whimsical detail
  • Displays a bronze finish with colorful accents
  • Contains multiple spaces for the placement of pens
  • Perfect for lovers of steampunk culture


  • Made from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 7.75 Inches


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