Steampunk Lord Costume

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You can become a member of the steampunk nobility with the right outfit. Make sure that you check out the Steampunk Lord Costume. This costume comes in three sizes. It includes a pair of pants, a shirt, a latex vest, mask, and goggles. The white shirt has long, loosely cut sleeves and a short collar. Those sleeves end with brown, faux leather cuffs that lace closed. The shirt has a shiny panel down the front. Meanwhile, the drab green pants have a red pinstripe pattern. There is a large brown strap across the front of the elastic waistband with two smaller bands below it.

Next, the short, brown vest has a deep V-neck. Faux rivets adorn the neckline. Additional faux rivets adorn the vest. The vest also features faux gears, straps, and spikes. Next, the brown mask has a gas mask style with two faux filters. The filters have holes on the side for breathing. The filters feature a brass coloring on the sides and a copper color on the ends which matches the trim along the top of the mask. Also, the filters have spikes on the sides. The spiked design continues onto the goggles. The goggles have a similar look to the filters on the mask with open spaces for the eyes. In addition, the goggles have brown straps. Wear this costume for your next Halloween party, steampunk costume contest, or stage production.

Please note that the boots, walking stick, and gun do not come included.

Key Features:

  • Comes in three sizes
  • Includes a pair of pants, a shirt, a latex vest, mask, and goggles
  • Features an elegant, steampunk style
  • Has spike and gear detailing
  • Great for Halloween parties
  • Wonderful for costumed events


  • Mask, goggles, and vest are latex

Chest CircumferenceWaist CircumferenceHeight
Small44 inches39 inches68 inches
Medium46 inches41 inches69 inches
Large48 inches43 inches70 inches


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