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Spiked LARP Warhammer


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Crowned with three large gold spikes across the top, this Spiked LARP Warhammer will rule the battlefield. A double ended gold arrow decorates the side of the head, while the handle displays gold accents and a cord wrapped grip. Crafted from dense latex foam with a unique fiberglass fusion core, this fantasy LARP hammer is lightweight and extremely flexible. The durable latex construction with painted details provides a realistic look for any cosplay or theatrical production. An excellent choice for dwarves, barbarians, and orcs, this Spiked LARP Warhammer is suitable for light sparring.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and flexible LARP hammer
  • Textured silver head with gold details
  • Silver handle with gold trim
  • Cord wrapped handle provides a secure grip
  • Also great for cosplay or as a costume prop


  • Crafted from dense latex foam
  • Features a fiberglass fusion core


  • Overall Length: 28 Inches


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