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The Small Friedhelm Belt Bag is great for keeping your essentials close at hand during LARP events or historical reenactments. Its soft suede construction and neutral colors make it suitable to accompany any outfit without challenging the authenticity of your medieval garb. A smaller version of the Friedhelm Belt Bag (MY100277), this pouch is squarer in design and is secured shut with just one buckled leather strap. It attaches to the belt with just one strap as well, allowing your hands to stay free and unburdened while it is fastened at your side.

Please note that this is a natural product, so minor variations in color and texture may exist.

Key Features:

  • Fastens close with buckled strap
  • Attaches to belt with strap in back
  • Available in Black or Brown
  • Great for storing small essentials during historical events


  • Crafted from soft cowhide suede
  • Straps made of upper leather

HeightWidthDepthBelt Loop Size
One Size5.5 inches5.5 inches2 inches2.25 inches

7 reviews for Small Friedhelm Belt Bag

  1. Brandon W.

    Very sturdy little pouch, the buckle secures nicely, while too small for most cell phones I am perfectly comfortable storing money and other valuables in it. (fits average mens wallet perfectly)

  2. Cody C.

    I recently purchased this pouch as part of an experiment to find decent through high quality pouches for my daily life as well as for faires and LARPs. This pouch came as a “soft suede” and I was quite surprised to have it be as thick and durable as it is. After having a few other suede pouches that usually tore around the fastner. The sitching is solid and with double sitching at high stress areas. I ordered the Brown pouch and absolutely love the dark chocolate brown colour of it. Overall I am quite happy with this pouch and the price is a great value of not a steal. I would highly recommend the Friedhelm line of pouches for someone looking for great and secure belt pouches at a fantastically awesome price point.

  3. Michelle M.

    sweet, well made and looks great ordered this with the 4 part pouch set from same manufacturer and they look awesome together. holds my smartphone well lol.

  4. uberblockhead (verified owner)

    Very Sturdy pouch I Gruber use this to hold all my nice tools for those tricky locks when my key is not working right
    love the soft suede feel love the black color and use this at fairs

  5. Brooskie (verified owner)

    After seeing the other positive reviews, I was a little disappointed when I received my own pouch. My brown pouch is so dark that I thought I accidentally received a black pouch. My pouch is also a weird shape that doesn’t want to sit correctly. Lastly, the stitching on mine is sturdy, but it is knotted up and back stitched over. Overall, I wish that I would’ve tried out a different pouch offered on this site.

  6. nils.olson (verified owner)

    I have pretty much the whole collection of Friedhelm pouches so I can fill up a whole belt with them

  7. Emily Krebs (verified owner)

    I am very excited to use this pouch, it is so well made and such a good price that I’ll definitely be buying more! Also, the other reviews were right about the brown being super dark. It’s the base leather that is almost black, and the straps are more dark brown, and it seems to be all of the brown pouches in this line that are almost black. I also purchased the small pouch set and potion bag from the same line, all in brown, so at least they all match!

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