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The Vikings were a rough and tumble group who loved mead and ale almost as much as they loved battle! Of course, Viking drinkware was suitably ferocious, often being made from horns, just like this Simple Viking Drinking Horn appears to be. This drinking horn has a rich, polished look that really makes it look like traditional horn straight from an old Viking village. The drinking horn is further accented with a brass rim and a brass tip, which adds a bit of metallic shine to the horns appearance. Each horn also includes a simple metal stand, which helps show the horn off when you are not busy carrying and carousing with it.

Please note that this horn is not lined and therefore, we do not recommend that you drink from it, but rather that you use it as a display item or carry-along prop, instead, unless you intend to line it yourself, which you should only attempt if you have experience and the knowledge required to do so. Set one of these on your dining table to make every nightly meal a more medieval experience, or carry the Simple Viking Drinking Horn at your side when you hit the local renaissance fair to really show that you like to celebrate and imbibe just like the Vikings of old did.

This item is made of natural materials, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Has a Realistic Look and Feel
  • Possesses a Brass Rim and Cap
  • Comes with a Metal Stand
  • Perfect for Display or as a Carry-on Prop


  • Made from Horn

2 reviews for Simple Viking Drinking Horn

  1. Steven H.

    Simple and elegant usually doesn’t apply to a drinking horn, but it is appropriate here. The horn and stand are not embellished with overly ornate flash so it’ll fit in with any décor and even some where a drinking horn wouldn’t normally be found (such as the parsonage where this one will reside).

  2. Stephanie A.

    I ordered this as a gift, it was greatly received. I highly recommend!

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