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Simple Studded Ring Belt

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Our Studded Medieval Ring belt is perfect for any medieval or renaissance outfit. Made of 7/8 oz. sturdy belt leather, it is 1.5 inches wide and comes in two different lengths, 63 inches or 71 inches. It is also available in a wide varieties of colors, including black, brown, red, green, blue, and natural undyed leather. You also have your choice of silver (steel) or gold (brass) hardware.

Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Top Quality Leather
  • A Great Accessory for any Medieval or Renaissance Outfit
  • Available in a variety of Colors


  • To secure the ring belt you must tie a knot through the ring. The knot generally takes up about 12-15 Inches of the leather. Keep this in mind when selecting the length, as you do not want the Ring Belt to be too short after the knot is tied. Our Ring Belts are available in 63 Inches and 71 Inches long.

1 review for Simple Studded Ring Belt

  1. larsoner217 (verified owner)

    The name tells the whole story here, the product is a simple studded ring belt nothing more and nothing less, the items a little long if your 5’4″ or shorter but not so long that it gets in the way. For the price this item is definitely worth picking up.

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