Shield Guard Crusader Dagger


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Whether you want to become a knight or just enjoy medieval items, make sure that you check out the Shield Guard Crusader Dagger. Made from stainless steel, this decorative dagger features a double-edged blade with a diamond cross-section. The dagger continues with a cruciform crossguard. The brass-colored crossguard has dots along the arms and a shield shape in the center. There is a red cross on the shield, which has curved sides and a slightly pointed top. The hilt continues with a matching grip. There are two red sections running along the length of the grip. The hilt ends with an octagonal pommel. There is a red cross on the pommel.

Finally, this dagger comes with a black leather scabbard. It has a brass-colored chape and throat as well as a section with a belt ring. Belts do not come included. There are two red sections on the chape in a design similar to the grip of the dagger. On the throat, there is a colorized knight holding a shield struck by arrows. You can put the Shield Guard Crusader Dagger on display in your home. It makes a great decor piece or collectible.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Has a double-edged blade
  • Red cross detailing
  • Comes with a scabbard
  • Features a colorized knight image
  • Great display piece or collectible


  • Made from stainless steel


  • Overall Length: 16 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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