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The samurai of old Japan were well-known for their loyalty and their virtue, as well as for their love and respect of the sword. This Samurai Bushido Table Top Stand will accommodate one katana, giving it a home worthy of its ancestral legacy. This sword stand has a classic and iconic design, featuring a base with a low-set horizontal support and two leveled risers that hold a sword and keep it aloft, as if offering it to the first hand that reaches for one. Inscribed on the support, in faded yellow-gold coloration, are the Japanese kanji for Bushido, literally translated as the way of the warrior. Given its Japanese styling, this Samurai Bushido Table Top Stand makes for a fantastic accent to add to your collection of similarly styled swords, serving to enhance the symbolic look of any katana, wakizashi, chokuto, or shirasaya that it is paired with.

Key Features:

  • Made from Black Lacquered Wood
  • A Free-Standing Single Sword Stand
  • Decorated with the Japanese Kanji For Bushido
  • Designed to Accommodate Swords and Weapons of All Sorts
  • Great for Showing Off a Prized Collectors Piece


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