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The pentagram is a traditional accent of occultists and magicians the world over, and in this Runic Pentagram Necklace, its power and its impressive design is enhanced with the addition of several runes, as well as a vibrant crystal at its heart. This pendant depicts the powerful pentacle, also known as the five-point star, encircled by a ring of runes to create a truly impressive and mystic looking pentagram. The runes are drawn from the Futhark, while a beautiful purple Swarovski crystal sits at the center of the pentacle, enhancing both appeal and symbols almost-mystic qualities. The pendant is crafted entirely in fine, lead-free pewter metal, and it comes complete with both a matching chain necklace and a jewelry box, for convenient and safe storage. Like many mystic seals, this Runic Pentagram Necklace is a subdued little accent that can be easily worn with any sort of attire you like, while its unique accents ensure that when it gets noticed, it impresses all those who see it.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in Fine Lead Free Pewter Metal
  • An Inspired Merger of Mystic Symbolism and Nordic Design
  • Pendant Features A Classic Pentagram with Viking Runes and a Purple Crystal Accent
  • Possesses an Impressive Level of Detailing
  • Comes with a Chain Necklace and a Jewelry Box


  • Pendant Diameter: 0.875 Inch
  • Chain Length: 22 Inches


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