Roman Gladius Letter Opener

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Replicating the unmistakable design of Roman short sword, the Roman Gladius Letter Opener is an exquisite addition to any office or home. This functional letter opener doubles as a marvelous display piece when not in use. Emulating the historic design of this weapon, the hilt of this opener is round with a spherical pommel that is ornately detailed. A signature feature of the gladius is its lack of a cross guard, which was due to its typical pairing with an offhand shield. The blade of this letter opener is crafted in a spear point design and has a fine tip to more easily unseal envelopes. Experience a touch of Roman glory with the Roman Gladius Letter Opener.

Key Features:

  • Functional letter opener
  • Intricately designed hilt
  • Designed to emulate a Roman gladius
  • Made in Italy


  • Made of stainless steel


  • Height: 9.8 Inches


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