Purple and Gold Dragon Stone LED


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Dragons like shiny things, that is why you always hear about them hoarding treasure. The dragon in the Purple and Gold Dragon Stone LED happens to like shiny crystals, which is why it is glaring at you to get away from its geode. This LED light consists of a multi-colored dragon whose dominant colors are purple and gold that sits atop an open geode. The inside of the geode is an aqua blue and four glowing crystals rest at the back. This battery powered LED will bring a flair of fantasy to whatever room you put it in and makes a great gift for dragon lovers and collectors alike!

Key Features:

  • Depicts a multi-colored dragon sitting on a geode
  • Crystals inside the stone light up
  • Battery powered for convenient placement
  • A wonderful piece of dragon decor
  • Makes a great gift for fans and collectors


  • Made from cold cast resin
  • Contains LED lights


  • Height: 6.25 Inches


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