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You can tell the quality of a town sheriff by his badge. A worn badge shows a hard-working sheriff unconcerned with appearances, while a Polished Brass Sheriff Badge indicates a lawman who may be proud of his position. This badge is fairly typical of a western sheriff badge as far as shape goes, being a six-pointed star that features rounded edges where all the points should be. Where this badge differs is in its overall look. Crafted from metal and given a polished brass finish, this badge all but gleams in the light, making it a bit more prominent than most other badges. It also features twisting decorations along the edge of the badge, as well as the word Sheriff engraved right at its center. The badge has an overall diameter of 3.5 inches. It features a pin on the back, which makes this badge quite easy and comfortable to wear. So if you are a would-be lawmen that takes pride in their position, then perhaps this Polished Brass Sheriff Badge is the one for you. And even if you are just a collector, this glimmering badge is still a great one to have, if only because its polished finish is quite eye-catching.

Key Features:

  • Modeled After A Typical Star Badge
  • Has a Great Brass Finish
  • Pin Back Makes This Badge Easy to Wear
  • A Great Collectible or Gift Idea


  • Made from a zinc alloy


  • Length: 3.5 Inches


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