Oriental Cleaver Training Sword


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Safely battle all sorts of enemies with the Oriental Cleaver Training Sword. A blend between fact and fiction, it draws from traditional swords as well as fantasy swords like Final Fantasy 7s iconic Buster Sword. Constructed from polypropylene, this practice sword is durable, perfectly weighted, and has fantastic balance. With its 26.5-inch blade and minimalist hilt and ring pommel, this is a great blended world sword. Take your training to a new level and new worlds with the Oriental Cleaver Training Sword.

Key Features:

  • Rugged and hard to dent
  • Heavy duty polypropylene
  • Great weight and balance
  • Fantasy oriental design

Overall LengthBlade LengthHilt LengthHandle LengthHandle WidthBlade Width (at Widest)Guard WidthWeight
One Size36.75 inches26.5 inches10.25 inches7.5 inches1.25 inches3 inches3.75 inches1.8 lbs


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