Nine Tailed Dungeon Whip


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Do more heads make everything exponentially better? Well, more heads certainly improve some weapons, as this Nine Tailed Dungeon Whip is far more impressive, and far more frightening, thanks to the many little heads that it features in its design. Fashioned after the infamous cat-o-nine-tails, this weapon is best remembered for its use in the dungeon. Consisting of several braided leather tails, this weapon delivers a series of stinging strikes with every swing, making it a vicious implement of torment that will distract, confuse, and even break individuals, given time. The grip is wrapped in leather and features studded accents, as well as a leather wrap cord at the tip to help keep this instrument attached to its dungeon master at all times. Made almost fully out of leather, this Nine Tailed Dungeon Whip is very nearly the real deal, making it a stunning addition to your castles dungeon, as well as a key instrument in any dungeon master look that you might chose to create.

Key Features:

  • Features nine tails topped with knots
  • Handle has a wrapped look and studded accents
  • Easy to hold and carry with attached loop
  • Great for dungeon decor or as a costume weapon


  • Made of leather


  • Handle Length: 10 Inches


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