Miniature Scottish Targe


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For those history buffs and cultural enthusiasts who want to celebrate some Scottish Highland style but have limited space to work with, this Miniature Scottish Targe is a gift from above, one that perfectly recreates the Highland shield in miniature. Traditionally, the targe was made from wood and wrapped in leather, and this miniature does not diverge from that tradition. Small in size yet great in detail, this little collectible is a true gem, one that features a small brass boss at the center, which is flanked by concentric circles, in classic Highland targe design. Brass rivets and studs form the basis of the design, with four small secondary brass bosses adorning the outer edges of the shield. Embossed into the leather, around these subsidiary bosses are elegant Celtic detailing. Smaller size makes this Miniature Scottish Targe easier to handle as a display item, ensuring that even an enthusiast with the smallest amount of space can celebrate some Scottish heritage and style, by adding this small shield to their collection.

Key Features:

  • A Miniature of the Scottish Highland Targe
  • Features a Central Boss with Four Secondary Bosses Around the Edges
  • Decorated with Embossed Designs and Brass Rivets
  • Possesses an Incredibly Realistic Look and Feel
  • Great For A Great Collectible for Gifting or Displaying
  • Features Straps on the Back for a Secure Grip


  • Made Entirely from Fine Hardwoods and Wrapped in Leather


  • Diameter: 11.25 Inches
  • Weight: 1 pound 8.5 Ounces


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