Luthor Leather Belt

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A great reenactment outfit or fantasy ensemble looks even better with a good belt. Wear the Luthor Leather Belt to your next convention or cosplay. This handcrafted belt comes in two colors of premium leather. It has a thinner adjustable belt. That smaller, buckle belt goes through the belt loops of the larger base belt. Riveting and embossing adorn the belt, especially at the loops and front of the base. You can attach other gear, not included, to the belt with the D-rings at the bottom of the belt. It is versatile for many different genres, especially medieval and fantasy looks.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Available in two colors
  • Adjustable smaller belt
  • Embossing detail
  • D-rings along the bottom
  • Great for cosplay and reenactments


  • Crafted from premium 3/4 oz. leather

Overall LengthBelt WidthWaist Size
One Size48.8 inches3.5 inches33-45.75 inches

2 reviews for Luthor Leather Belt

  1. Chad Dion (verified owner)

    This belt has become a staple in my fantasy looks. Great overall construction and the rings make it easy to attach many things. Feels strong enough to last a while.

  2. aakuehn1 (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting a long time for this belt & it did NOT disappoint. Although the leather is not as thick or as firm to the touch as the Adventurer’s Belt by Les Artisans d’ Azure (Item # RT-410), it can certainly still compete with it based on its own merits. Because the leather is a pinch more refined, it would work really well with an outfit that is a little more dressy (like a Muskateer or a Royal Guard) as well as an outfit that is more rustic (like a Viking or a Ranger). The metal loops are PERFECT for hanging things like weapons & the belts and sheaths that may come with them. Plus, it’s reversible, so you can wear the metal loops on the TOP edge of the belt to secure a harness or other belts that would go around your neck, chest, or shoulders. Another bonus is that the smaller belt is not permanently attached to the wider belt. So, if you want to customize the belt a little, you can slide out the smaller belt & replace it with one of your choice that compliments your outfit either functionally or aesthetically. I ordered the Brown colored belt and–like most Mytholon leather items–the shade is a very dark Brown. Not quite Black, but in the neighborhood. The one limitation that this belt has is that it comes in only one size. I feel this belt is durable enough to do the job for my needs & I would buy it again if it broke on me. Highly recommended.

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