Lucky Dragon Walking Stick by Cold Steel

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For centuries, the mythical dragon has captivated the imagination of man. The dragon is a powerful creature with extraordinary physical attributes that command respect. That is the inspiration for the Lucky Dragon Walking Stick. It is fashioned from high impact polypropylene, which provides resistance to the elements and guarantees that it is practically indestructible. The detailing is beautiful, with scales running the full length of the rolling shaft and a fearsome face with snarling fangs. This walking stick is seriously imposing and commands attention. It supports many different grip options and is suitable as a balancing aid as well as an emergency self defense tool. Red is a popular color during holidays in China and is often to signify something is lucky or capable of bringing good fortune. You will be proud to add this vibrant tool to your collection!

Key Features:

  • Supports a number of different grip options
  • Vibrant red color used to signify luck
  • Features astonishing detail
  • Impervious to the elements
  • A great walking stick and self defense tool


  • Made of red polypropylene


  • Overall length: 39 Inches
  • Head: 4.625 Inches
  • Weight: 39oz.


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