Liquid Flesh Latex


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Liquid Flesh Latex is just the component to use when you are looking to blend your prosthetics or latex appliances, as well as a useful material for those who want to try to create their own personal latex effects. Liquid latex allows for the creation of dozens of different looks, including great looking old age effects and fake skin burns. It allows latex appliances to be perfectly blended to the skin by carefully and methodically applying a small amount around the area of the prosthetic to cover any existing edges. Once it dries, liquid latex can also be colored with makeup, allowing it to be further blended to achieve the perfect look. Removing liquid latex is also easy. It is best accomplished by applying a warm, wet towel to the prosthetic or latex, to help loosen its hold, while rubbing in a small amount of makeup before finally removing the latex. If you want your latex appliance or prosthetic to look absolutely perfect, than this Liquid Flesh Latex is just the thing to ensure that all your prosthetic applications are Hollywood style effects straight from the silver screen.

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Key Features:

  • A Must-Have When Using Prosthetics and Latex Appliances
  • Easy to Apply with a Makeup Sponge
  • Perfect for Blending Latex Prosthetics and Appliances to Skin
  • Great for Creating Completely Customized Effects
  • Once Dry, Can Be Colored With Makeup
  • Easy Removal with a Warm, Wet Towel and a makeup removal cream


  • Comes in an 8 oz. Bottle


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