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The head is one of the most important parts of the body to keep safe, and protection like the Leopold Arming Cap is great for wearing under armour items, such as helmets and chainmail, for added comfort, safety, and fit. This arming cap is made of cotton with a polyester padding, covering the head and ears. Fabric ties at the bottom of the cap are for securing it under the chin. The Leopold Arming Cap can also be worn for warmth in colder weather. For an added layer of safety and warmth, the Leopold Arming Cap is a great addition to any LARP or light reenactment outfit.

Looking for the other pieces of this arming wear set? Check out the Leopold Arming Wear and Gambeson Set (ARMOUR-A4) for the matching arming wear.

Key Features:

  • Adds comfort and protection when worn under helmets and chainmail
  • Fastens under chin with fabric ties for secure fit
  • Adds warmth to historic outfits during cooler weather
  • Available in various colors


  • Made of cotton with polyester padding
Cap HeightCap Depth
One Size8.25 inches8 inches

6 reviews for Leopold Arming Cap

  1. Mark M.

    The cap arrived quickly, as always. This cap is quite small. My head is 23-1/2″ circumference, or about 7-1/2 in hat size, and it barely fits. The tie-strings are also almost too short for anything but a hard knot. It is, however, well built and padded in the right spots. Hearing is shot, because the padding is so thick. I may add some circular metal grommet holes to the ear areas for better hearing and some air circulation. As the description says, this would be great for cooler weather…it is quite warm. So, if your tiny head is cold, you don’t care to hear, and you just need helmet padding…it’ll work. …..Mark M.

  2. jeff A.

    The cap arrived quickly. It is well built and the padding is great. The cap was too small for my head. so I had to return it. otherwise its a great product, well worth the money.

  3. Kavalore (verified owner)

    Both other reviewers insofar have made note of the small size of the cap, and I shall too. It definitely is a bit smaller than one would like, and is a bit hard to get around the head, but I don’t think that inherently makes it bad. Mytholon is a manufacturer i’ve come to love for their quality, and the same applies to this. The build quality and feel of the cap is superb. The size is an issue, but I feel like I can understand why with some thinking.
    In my mind at least, it is not meant to be worn standalone, but more with a gambeson, and when pairing this with my Arthur Padded Gambeson, also from Mytholon, I note that the high collar of the gambeson helps make up for the smaller size of the cap, and provides more than generous protection of the neck and back of head. It still leaves a bit of room on the front, but arming caps are paired with maille coifs quite often, so I feel it is more meant to provide the necessary padding under the primary armor which would be a coif, and I feel it would absolutely do the job. It is small, but I feel with a proper gambeson and a maille coif, the small size becomes less of an apparent issue. regardless of size, super quality, I am always happy with Mytholon products.

  4. nils.olson (verified owner)

    Heavy duty padding for your head, the neck ties are a little short. It will fit under most helmets.

  5. Ellen Moore (verified owner)

    Very small. However we bought it as padding under chainmail, so it will still work for that, but, boy is it small. We’ll probably extend the straps. We might even soak and attempt to stretch it some.

  6. Matthew Novak (verified owner)

    A little on the small side but the fit shown in the picture is accurate. Much higher quality than I expected. I ordered when purchasing a separate chainmail hood and it does the job. Note, it will muffle your hearing to a degree. I’ve remedied the issue by punching a hole and adding a 3/8 grommet on each side where it covers the ear.

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