LARP Archery Kit – Level 2

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Archers Leather Quiver

Deluxe RFB Bow - Black, Medium

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LARP Arrows - Round Tip × 6

Robin Archers Glove

Artemis Archers Arm Guard

Replacement String for RFB or Squire Bows - Medium Size

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No matter what character you wish to become, an archer should have a set of gear ready for battle. Get this Level 2 LARP Archery Kit for your persona. To begin with, this package includes a LARP bow, a replacement string for the bow, six foam arrows, an archers arm guard, an archers glove, and a quiver to hold the arrows. While the bow is black, the other items, not including the replacement string, come in multiple colors.

For the arrows, the color option chosen will state black or brown with another color. Black and brown refer to the shaft and the secondary color chooses the fletching color.

Besides color, the archers glove has options for size and which hand it will go onto. The arm guard comes in two sizes and works on either arm. Together, these pieces help you become the fierce archer you dream to be. Best of all, you will save 5% when you buy this LARP Archery Kit. It is great for various medieval and fantasy roles, from elves to outlaws and more.

Key Features:

  • Includes a bow, guard, glove, quiver, extra string, and six arrows
  • Easy way to create a set of archery gear
  • Great for a variety of character backgrounds
  • Save 5 percent on set
  • Ideal for LARP events

Sizing And Measurements:

  • Archers Leather Quiver:
    • Overall Length: 23 Inches
    • Opening Diameter: 3.5 Inches
  • LARP Arrows – Round Tip:
    • Diameter of Tip: Approximately 2 Inches
    • Arrow Length: Approximately 32.5 Inches

Measurements are approximate.


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