Large Universal Horns

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These Large Universal Horns are a fantastic way to add a touch of surprise and drama to virtually any costume or look you might have in mind. Of course, you do not have to be a devil to make these horns look great, thanks to their pale coloration. These horns are made entirely from high quality latex and are relatively easy to put on, requiring only an application of spirit gum to adhere the horns to your skin. The horns themselves are long and curved, featuring a great textured look that renders them rather bonelike in appearance. The base of the horns also features torn flesh that makes the horns look as though they have broken through the skin. These horns are ideally suited for a variety of uses, ranging from the classic devil or demon to other sinister figures, all the way down to mythic beasts and creatures of fantasy that might have need of a pair of dramatic horns like these. Being made from flesh-colored latex, they can be colored with virtually any shade of cream makeup. Spirit gum, flesh latex, and makeups are, however, sold separately. Do not think for a second that only a devil can get away with these horns, because that is just not true. These Large Universal Horns are good for dozens of different costumes, ranging from the mythical Minotaur to a variety of fairytale beasts.

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Key Features:

  • Made from High Quality Flesh-Colored Latex
  • Spirit Gum, Flesh Latex, or Makeup Not Included
  • Simple and Easy to Apply to the Skin
  • Perfect for Devil, Beast, and Fantasy Creature Costumes
  • Fantastic for Halloween, Costume Parties, Theatre, and More


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