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Like the Greeks before them, the Romans had gods and goddesses that embodied every aspect of their life. Fortuna, depicted here in this Lady Fortuna Statue, was the Roman goddess of fortune and wealth, as well as the divine personification of luck. Fortuna was an abstract deity, one that did not always come into common worship, and she was often seen as a capricious goddess, as she bestowed both good luck and bad. Fortuna was also sometimes heralded as a goddess of fate. In this statue, we see her more commonly accepted role as a goddess of luck and wealth, as she is depicted as a beautiful young goddess who dresses in a loose, flowing Roman robe. Feathered wings extend from her back, and in one hand, she holds a cornucopia horn from which flows a wealth of coins. The base of the statue consists of more coins, which support the goddess in her position. This statue is impressively crafted in cold cast bronze, which is a form of cold cast resin that is mixed with powdered bronze to give the statue a more metallic, bronzed hue. It is also hand painted, which gives the statue some color while also enhancing its luster and its detail. This Roman goddess statue stands approximately 11.625 inches tall. She can bring good luck and bad luck in equal measure, and, in the form of this Lady Fortuna Statue, she can also bring good style to your decor, where she will act as a beacon of intrigue to all those who see her.

Key Features:

  • A Beautifully Hand Painted Statue
  • Depicts the Roman Goddess of Wealth, Fortuna
  • Features an Impressive Level of Detail
  • Makes for a Stunning Decoration
  • A Great Home Decor Piece or Gift Idea


  • Made from Cold Cast Bronze


  • Height: 11.625 Inches


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