Infected Zombie Mask

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When infection spreads, there comes a point when there is nothing you can do but end the misery. May mercy be shown to you should anyone ever reach the level of insanity that is portrayed so exquisitely on the Infected Zombie Mask. Crafted and designed using high-quality latex, this creature showcases devolvement from man to beast. Veins seem to overflow as the contagion spreads throughout its host. Now forced to find relief from the pressure, blood escapes through every orifice it can find. Letting out a cacophonous howl, this beast tells of how his humanity has been lost forever. In order to become one with the character, this Halloween mask features a full head construction that allows you to completely transform into this beast. Whether you prefer the new age or the classic portrayals of the undead, the Infected Zombie Mask is essential for every zombie enthusiasts arsenal!

Key Features:

  • Incredible twist of classic zombie
  • Displays excruciating detail
  • Full head construction
  • Excellent piece for zombie enthusiasts


  • Made from high-quality latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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