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Made from chromed tanned leather, this stylish quiver is perfect for traditional archery or medieval re-enactments. You can use this quiver to hold either LARP arrows or classic arrows, the depth works well for both. A patch of soft, split-leather lines the upper rim of the quiver. Brass-plated iron buckles allow easy adjustment of the shoulder strap. Stitched leather cording strengthens the structure and gives it a nice rustic look. Whether for live action roleplay or traditional archery, keep your arrows close with the Hunters Leather Quiver.

Key Features:

  • Fits most LARP arrows and real arrows
  • Follows a versatile simple design
  • Includes an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Perfect for LARP or traditional archery


  • Crafted from chrome tanned leather
  • Fittings made of split-leather
  • Buckles are iron with brass-plating


  • Approximate Depth: 23.5 Inches
  • Approximate Diameter: 4 Inches
  • Strap Length: 45-65.5 Inches

9 reviews for Hunters Leather Quiver

  1. Anonymous

    I purchased this for my sister as a Christmas gift, and she reminds me often just how much she adores it! We were impressed with the quality of the quiver, considering the low price. Our only complaint is that it sags on the back in such a way that it can be difficult to reach the arrows. This can be corrected easily, however… my sister rigged another leather strap on it so that it now sits upright on the back. It appears most quivers come with the one strap, so not a big deal. Overall, a very nice quiver, suitable to carry any arrows and blend in with any costume!

  2. Alex S.

    This quiver is excellent in every way! It’s a bit longer than similar quivers, all the better for my 33″ arrows. The assembly, laced instead of riveted, is excellent and very authentic! It is better than I expected!

  3. Keith T.

    The quiver was exactly what my daughter wanted. Color was just slightly darker than shown but internet is like that. Was extremely pleased with the product and how it was made.

  4. Bruce H.

    The item was just as described and arrived quickly!

  5. Joshua W.

    Item is well made. Bought it for a friend of mine who is big into archery. He was extremely satisfied with the quality of the item. The only concern is that it is a little small for his use. Holds only half a dozen arrows or so. But extremely good quality.

  6. Marjorie D.

    Purchased both the black and brown quivers for my husband and me. This quiver will hold 12 arrows. Nice looking. I like the leather lacing. Sits nicely on my back. Leather strap is narrow and long. I think it will fit a variety of people as there are a lot of buckle holes. Quiver also sits well when attached to my belt at my waist.

  7. Rosanna D.

    Beautiful item that looks to be made in the traditional way. Nice quality leather with subtle details. Looks great with my renaissance faire costume, haven’t used it for actual archery.

  8. tsteffenb (verified owner)

    This is a simple, well made, very comfortable quiver. Because I like things stiffly tight, I run it through either my belt or a belt loop and it’s no problem moving through the trees and brush with it. I am I tad annoyed with the fact the it doesn’t hold a perfect circle but that’s my OCD talking. I put a small metal ring in the top to keep it a perfect circle. 😉 Good quiver, great price.

  9. Chad Dion (verified owner)

    Overall just what I needed… I may add a few things to this like fur but quality is good and fits my arrows.

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