Horned Steampunk Skull Box


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Even the forward press of technology has not eradicated the macabre fascination of death. The Horned Steampunk Skull Box depicts a skull with horns, half of the head still bone while the other half shows metal and gears. Combining the anachronistic mechanical appearance of the steampunk genre with the natural appearance of a bone skull, this piece catches eyes with its unusual features such as small horns that jut out from the top of the skull and gears located in the eye of the mechanical half of the skull. The top of the skull lifts along a crack line to reveal the inner container, which makes for a useful box to store coins, jewelry, and other collectibles. Crafted from hand-painted resin, this box offers a unique item to decorate your home or fill out your steampunk decor.

Key Features:

  • Depicts half-bone, half-metal skull with horns
  • Sports a hand painted design
  • Great for storing jewelry and other trinkets
  • Makes an excellent gift or fine piece of decor


  • Crafted from cold cast resin


  • Length: 6.75 Inches


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