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Dress like you hunt monsters and mean it with the Hellsing Coat! This incredible jacket will look great on you as you whirl about, shoving stakes into the hearts of hungry vampires and shooting silver bullets at rabid werewolves. Made from heavy canvas, this epic coat comes in black and brown and possesses a mantle around the neck and shoulders that can be removed. The sleeves of this warm coat end in large cuffs, while large buttons line the edges and allow you to close it if you wish. In a duster-like fashion, this handmade jacket falls to just above the ankles, leaving very little for the monsters, or the cold, to reach. Add it to your cosplay, use it to spice up your LARPing outfit, or use it in a costume, you cannot go wrong!

Please be aware that these items are handmade. Slight deviations in pattern, color, and shape may occur.

Key Features:

  • Available in black and brown
  • Features removable mantle
  • Button closure at front
  • Heavy fabric keeps you warm on cold nights
  • Perfect for any LARP outfit or cosplay

ChestOverall LengthSleeve Length
X-Small35.4 inches50 inches23.3 inches
Small39.2 inches51.5 inches23.3 inches
Medium40 inches53.5 inches24 inches
Large44 inches55 inches25 inches
X-Large51.2 inches58.3 inches25.2 inches
XX-Large59 inches58.3 inches25.6 inches

6 reviews for Hellsing Coat

  1. rongeary2150 (verified owner)

    I ordered the Brown. Really like the two color( Dark Brown/Tan) style and sturdy soft cotton canvas material with metal buttons. Very versatile can be used for many different looks. Made of 100% cotton (beware, most certainly will shrink if washed). Size chart is accurate. I bought the XXL and this gave me room to wear the coat buttoned over a thick sweater I very happy with this coat. Will probably also get this in black.

  2. rongeary2150 (verified owner)

    I now own both the black and the brown. LOVE this coat. Most versatile coat in my collection. Fits well and looks great in either color.

  3. hedgehog69692 (verified owner)

    I got the black xxl. I have a 50 inch chest and it fit ok. Its a little snug in the shoulders but not bad. The pictures however do not do this coat justice. The buttons on here are very nice. I will were this coat with my western outfit or with my Pirate outfit or just to dress up a bit for a date with my wife. I only gave it 4 stars because to me this coat runs a tad small. Otherwise a well made and very nice coat.

  4. rjohnston79 (verified owner)

    I ordered this coat in the dark brown/tan combo, and I absolutely love it. Now I want it in black too!!
    The only note I have is that the metal buttons are a little sharp around the outer edge and were causing quick wear to the button holes. I filed them down, but it might have been less work to put on different buttons.

  5. edmund.iverson (verified owner)

    I wear a size 44 jacket comfortably, and so ordered the size large, and find that it runs a little small across my shoulders. I’d return it for an x-large, but they’re out of stock for the next 2-4 months, so I’ll make due with what I have. I have tried it on with a cotton pirate’s shirt, and as long as I don’t button it up, it’s tolerable. I wouldn’t try crossing my arms too much, or the seams will certainly give way. The removable cape has two button holes at the bottom corners, and thus is held on by attaching to the buttons on the front of the coat. There are two leather straps that can buckle beneath the chin/clavicle area, and those are the only means by which the cape is held onto the coat. definitely attach those lower edges to the buttons on the coat, or the whole piece might come off in a stiff gale! The buttons are an antiqued silver on my black coat, and are quite appropriately styled to the motif of the coat (no silly embossed anchors or swirly-curly nonsense!). The coat material is not as stiff as another cotton canvas long coat that I own, but it isn’t thin or flimsy, either. Feels like the weight and stiffness of a pair of stonewashed jeans. I think it’s the softness of the material that allows me to wear this without fear of ripping any seams; perhaps I can “stretch” the cotton with use, similar to how cotton jeans stretch after wearing them for awhile (and always leading me into the delusion that I’ve lost weight!). The cut and style of the coat is so unique, and I happily intend to include it in the rest of my pirate attire, I just won’t be wearing a waistcoat underneath it!

  6. edmund.iverson (verified owner)

    *This review is for the brown coat that I ordered in addition to the black coat I already reviewed:
    I just couldn’t bring myself to return the size “large” black Hellsing coat, even though it’s slightly smaller than my liking for a “topcoat”. The “x large” size in black was shown to be on backorder(!), so I thought I’d try my luck with the brown coat in “x large”, instead. I figured, if the size of the coat is a contributing factor, I’ll go ahead and return the one I like least. Well,
    I love them both, and for different reasons! The x large is definitely more of the shoulder width and roominess I expect from a size 44 coat, so there is space to wear a waistcoat and shirt underneath without any difficulty in extending your arms. However;
    the large size (at least for me) gives more of a tailored feel, as I have the lapels on the jacket buttoned back, giving a swept style that works very well for just a shirt and a topcoat. The brown coat is partially buttoned back, allowing the “v” shaped lapels to be more relaxed and less, well, “buttoned up”. I like to use my favorite 3″ wide leather pirate belt as a top cinch over the coat, giving a weathered and informal, jaunty, sea roving style. The craftsmanship is just as nice as the black coat, with a cotton lining that maintains the rugged period look, and the buttons are all fastened well. I love the two functional side pockets, and do wish there was an inside breast pocket, but that’s not a deal breaker by any means. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the brown/tan 2 tone color scheme, but it really lends a nice alternative to the ubiquitous “black” clothing of a typical pirate.
    So, I went from an attitude of sending either coat back (or both!) to a happy decision to keep both in my vault of sea roving attire!
    Well played, Medieval Collectables, your fine quality goods have won me over once again! 20240216_104730hdr.jpg

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